Rules & Regulations



MAINTENANCE: (Property Grounds Only) 


SENTRY MANAGEMENT: 239-352-6780  Glynnis Lowman 


The rules & regulations are provided for our owners, guests of owners, renters and day-visitors of the Riviera club.  Riviera wants to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. 



REGISTRATION: is required for all owners, guests of owners, day-visitors, and renters at Riviera club. Registration cards & instruction for registration can be found at the lobby entrance and outside the office located in the garage.




RIVIERA CLUB FACILITIES:  All guests and owners must be staying at the Riviera to use the facilities.


SECURITY is important for everyone at Riviera.  Please DO NOT prop open doors or leave any door unlocked (lobby entrances, pool gates or emergency doors) for any reason.  Always use key for entry into these areas.


POOL RULES posted in the pool area.  Pool gates must be kept locked at all times. Do not prop open clubhouse doors.  Children must be supervised at all times.  No pets or glass containers are permited inside the fenched pool area.  Drinks must be kepy four feet from the pool edge or hot tub edge. Use the pool at your own risk.  


SMOKING is permitted only in the parking lot or inside units as each owner decides.


COMMON AREAS, STAIRWELLS, and CORRIDORS: No items such as chairs, shoes, doormats are permitted in the stairwells or walkways.  Maintenance has the authority to dispose of these items.


NOISE No noise should be heard between 11 pm - 8 am.  At other times noise should be kept at a level which is compatible to other residents.


TRUCKS, TRAILERS,BOATS, RV'S are not to be parked or maintained in parking lot at any time.  


CHILDREN:  Proper  behavior is the responsibility of parents or adults. Children must be supervised.


GARBAGE: Must be placed in heavy trash bags and tied before placing in trash chute.


RENTERS: Overnight occupancy is the same as sleeping capacity.  No more than 4 people.


FIRE REGULATIONS: NO barbecues/hibachis etc., on walkways, lanais or stairwells


SHELLING: Florida Law restricts taking of live shells and has limits on others.


MAINTENANCE: The property manager/maintenance manager is not allowed to do work inside the condo units. For problems inside your unit, contact your rental agency or unit owner.







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